Converse Launch Local Flavour

Converse, in partnership with Bluegrass, have just re-launched a new local-flavoured website. Converse is a fantastic brand to work with and I am somewhat disappointed with Bluegrass’s offering. Essentially, the website looks like a beautifully crafted e-commerce site, whilst the imagery and design is lovely, I get the same cold impression I would get from a store front. I just […]

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The Digital Edge 2012: impressions.

I quite enjoyed this years #TDElive. Again it was fuelled by a fair amount of bitching, moaning and some bizarre grandstanding by certain panellists. Mike Sharman, this wasn’t an opportunity for you to test your comedic ability in public. Rob Stokes took a serious beating by the legend, Graham Warsop, which was amusing. But credit goes to Rob […]

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Doomsday, all the rage in 2012

If the fear of the human race being obliterated in an epic global event gave you endless sleepless nights, I would suggest that you do not continue reading. If all the huff surrounding the imminent demise of all that we know makes you scoff, then you will undoubtedly be interested in seeing what possible scientific ways the […]

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Exclamation and question marks required, as I’m still trying to figure this new social tool out, but it seems – interesting. From what I can gather it’s based on a similar concept as Twitter, but for cool pics. You can follow people who you feel are posting interesting imagery and post your own. I’ll give […]

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2012 – The end is naai.

This is a footnote that declares 2012, open. Let us not forget the relevance of this year, the importance of surviving the next 365 days. Should we make it to 2013, we will prevail as humans. Or some such rubbish.

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I hate you, Pen.

I hate you and your fancy friend, moleskin. Your antiquated ways are from a throwback era. How have you survived so long without an intuitive ability to undo. You feel uncomfortable in hand, you slip about without cause, I try wrest control from you but only achieve pitiful finger cramps. You’re a cruel little device, […]

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Holy Demons, Batman!

Need a reason to go to Austria, other than awesome beer and sausage? What about a festival of devils & demons? Man, I thought Mexico had this area waxed. I’m sure this is an epic trick and that these really are Demons, under the guise of Humans dressed up as Demons. And this is an […]

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The best mobile app we can never have

It’s called Google Currents and it takes your favourite online publications and pulls content from them directly to your mobile gadget of choice. There is also an element of the social, with the ability to share interesting content with friends and be able to personalise trends making it easy for you to find new content. […]

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Torn between two worlds

January sees my current phone contract come to an end, which means I need to consider what new phone will grace my rather deep pocket next. Never an easy task but I do so love to delve into the internet to research the plethora of phones out there. Before I begin, here is a brief […]

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The Mill Touch

The Mill, an indomitable production company based in both the UK and US, creates their own little slice of science reality with this wizard digital installation piece to showcase their giant body of work.

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TFRU: Pink Friday

Take colour, mix in day = a bunch of confusion. This seems to be a popular world-wide trend. In Ireland there was Sunday, bloody Sunday, which I believe is red. A widely recognised variant is the infamous Blue Monday, a day feared by all. In America, they have Black Friday. An exclusive for capitalistic America, where retail stores across the country slash […]

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At least that’s what noodle company Nissan would like us to do. It would also like you to believe that it has pots of money. Enough to license Star Wars character Yoda. So what happens when Japan gets its grubby paws on Star Wars licensing? Why, make a noodle ad and BOIL JAPAN! of course!

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